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MACTEC Programs

We are honored to include seven sending school districts in our consortium. Students attend from:  Macon County R-1,  Macon R-4, Atlanta C-3, Bevier C-4, South Shelby R-IV,  Northeast Randolph Co. R-IV and North Shelby C-1.

In the past, Career/Technical Education (CTE) courses have been viewed as the courses for students who are not attending a post-secondary school. But trends are showing that a number of high school students are now taking CTE courses to better prepare themselves for both the work world, as well as post-secondary education. Career and technical education also offers students the technical skills that employers say are lacking in many of their younger employees. CTE courses are better preparing students to enter the workforce with knowledge and skills needed in the workplace.

The CTE courses offered at Macon Area Career Center are being transformed by becoming more academically rigorous and career relevant, which is the essence of “new” vocational education. The curriculum now requires students to demonstrate competence in meeting industry standards, high academic standards, and related general work preparation knowledge, as well as demonstrating skills and attitudes required for employment.

Our mission is to provide individuals with a comprehensive education including applied science, applied academics, problem solving and employability skills in a chosen occupational area.